It was an adventurous journey from a graphic designer to a skilled Software Developer.

I would recommend this unique platform to freshers or anyone looking to switch careers to IT and build a high-growth career.

Bapu, a student from a non-technical background (Mechanical Engineering), decided to chase his dreams and secured a high-paying tech job at Zing HR with the help of AlmaBetter’s robust curriculum and unique offerings. Let’s hear about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hey everyone, my name is Bapugouda Biradar, and I am from Karnataka. I hold an undergraduate degree in BE Mechanical Engineering from Global Academy of Technology in 2018. After graduation, I worked as a Graphic Designer for 3 years. As I was working as a graphic designer, I realized that my interest lies in Software Development, so I decided to enroll in AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Web Development course.

The best part about AlmaBetter is they provide access to valuable and industry-relevant learning material to help the learners crack job interviews easily. It helped me a lot as I could go through all the notes simply, understand challenging concepts, and prepare for multiple job interviews.

Another unique feature of AlmaBetter is that they believe in peer learning and prepare the students for working with team members, which will help them in the future. In my 2-month training period, I interacted with team members, and they also provided business communication classes. These interactions and classes helped me improve my communication skills, which are essential in the IT field. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

While AlmaBetter focused on soft skills, they also provided weekly coding sessions with industry experts during my training period. The best part about this is it was a one-on-one session where they gave coding questions, and I could interact with an industry professional. These sessions helped me enhance my coding skills.

Overall, it was a great experience at AlmaBetter. I would recommend this unique platform to freshers or anyone looking to switch careers to IT and build a high-growth career.

Bapugouda Biradar
Software Developer

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