Patience and Perseverance paid off

"My journey at AlmaBetter was like a time-series sequence with a fluctuating seasonality but an increasing trend."

Devashish Bose from Cohort Aravali secured a pre-placement offer from DataZymes within 20 weeks of the program. Let's hear what Devashish has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

"Hi, I am Devashish. I graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology in 2020 in CSE stream. I recently completed AlmaBetter's robust Data Science Program and soon after its completion, I landed a job as a Decision Science Analyst at DataZymes.

I had an SDE job in my college and I didn’t want to pursue it. A lot of colleges still don’t have courses related to data science. So after college, I took a break and was browsing through some data science courses online and I found out about AlmaBetter. It was a Pay after Placement course and it taught everything I needed in the field with no upfront payment, along with a job guarantee. It was like the best deal you can get in the market. So, I went for it.

Their curriculum was very well designed. What I liked about the curriculum were the daily reports and doubt-solving sessions. I believe that there are times when you can’t understand a particular concept and perform poorly in it. Daily reports help you identify your weak spots and give you a good insight about areas you want to improve on. In feedback, the mentors don't mention the solution, though they give references and other resources or hints that help you to solve the problem.

The curriculum also included one-on-one mentorship sessions that were held every week. They weren't just test-your-skills kind of sessions or mock interviews. Mentors try to get the answer out of you even if you don’t know the terminologies, they help you articulate the answers and share their experience in the industry with the real projects. There's much more to it. Every mentor has a different story and it simply helps you learn from them immensely.

I had never worked on real, industry-relevant projects before. At AlmaBetter, we did end-to-end project deployments in just one week. In all these projects we learnt how to coordinate with teammates and work for hours with greater concentration. Apart from that, I learnt how to express my thoughts effectively to people. This helped me a lot in interviews. Another thing that I'd like to share is that once the project deadline was next day and the project was almost complete but we found a mistake in our logic. Everyone in our team got disheartened. But our mentor came and motivated us like it’s doable and we actually did it. So, at time I learnt how to incorporate the never giving up attitude in my life.

Now, talking about the AlmaX Placement Drive, I was given a personal coach who helped me prepare for the placements. He helped me identify my weakness(es) and took mock interviews again and again until I got really good at that particular topic. Apart from that, he also helped me understand the psychology of the interviewer.

If I were to describe my journey at AlmaBetter in one sentence, I'd say it's a time-series sequence with a fluctuating seasonality but an increasing trend. To all the students who wish to enter the Data Science Industry and are considering to join AlmaBetter, I'd like to say that it can be hard sometimes to keep up with this robust curriculum, but you have to have patience and perseverance to go through concepts over and over again. But primarily, you should share your problems with mentors, instructors, and career coaches and try to work on the feedback. It will definitely pay off.

Devashish Bose

Devashish Bose
Data Analyst

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