AlmaBetter steered me in the right direction.

"I understood how to aptly present myself in an interview and started getting more responses from the interviewing parties in the placement workshop."

Kartikey Sharma from Cohort Aravali secured a pre-placement offer from Neuronimbus within 30 weeks of program commencement. Let's hear what Kartikey has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hi everyone! I am Kartikey Sharma. Since childhood, I was extremely drawn towards computers. This interest pushed me to explore the world of programming languages once I grew up. I graduated from Punjab Technical University in 2018 and then started working at an IT firm as a software development trainee.

At work, I developed a new interest called anime and came to know that there were no recommendations of anime on their websites. That's when I got to know that we can build recommendation systems through something known as Data Science. Since I always had a knack for statistics & coding, I decided that building a career in the Data Science sector would be the right call for me.

I was looking for online platforms to learn Data Science but could only find institutes that asked for an upfront payment for their courses. As a Software Development trainee, my salary wasn't high enough to pay for these courses. One day, while comparing Data Science courses online, I came across AlmaBetter's ad for their Learn. Earn. Return. Program. I was really impressed by the fact that they impart Data Science skills to students without asking for a single dime until they get placed. On reading up more about them, I found that they have a Pay-After-Placement model under which students pay only after they have started earning.

AlmaBetter’s curriculum is all-inclusive and well-structured. Live classes are conducted by instructors who have an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Project-based learning approach is adopted so that the students can learn how to apply theoretical knowledge by solving real Data Science problems. I’ve always felt that all online courses, even the ones with live classes, are not able to provide personalized guidance to all students. But at AlmaBetter, the instructors and personal mentors keep a check on the performance of every student. This not only clears one’s doubts, but also motivates them to work harder.

To me, the best part about the curriculum were the one-on-one mentorship sessions with accomplished folks from the Data Science Industry. In these sessions, I got to know the kinds of Data Science problems people were working on in the industry. These sessions truly prepared me for the journey that lay ahead. Along with mentors, I also got a chance to listen to industry experts in AMA Sessions. These sessions were held every Saturday to clear all our doubts related to the Data Science world.

At AlmaBetter, I also learnt how to put theory into practice while working on Capstone projects. These projects were based on real world problems. They made me a problem solver rather than just a coder. These projects also helped me understand the true nature of the work that I would undertake once I started working.

Towards the end of the curriculum, we had a one-month long placement drive. I found the AlmaX Placement Drive to be really helpful as it improved my confidence level and communication skills, both of which are required to ace the interview process. The number of mock interviews I gave ensured that I could sit for my real interview without any nervousness. Resume building sessions with my career coach helped me in drafting the perfect, job-seeking resume. The placement workshops were extremely beneficial. I say this because after attending these workshops I understood how to aptly present myself in an interview and started getting more responses from the interviewing parties.

Choosing AlmaBetter over other Data Science institutions was undoubtedly the best decision of my life. To all the students who are thinking of joining AlmaBetter, I’d like to say that they have the best Data Science course out there. Just work hard, be patient and trust their process.

Kartikey Sharma.

Kartikey Sharma
Software Engineer

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