AlmaBetter changed my life for the better.

"When it comes to teaching methodology, the way of teaching and learning adopted at AlmaBetter is very different from traditional institutes."

Rajesh More from Cohort Aravali secured multiple pre-placement offers within 25 weeks of program commencement. Let's hear what Rajesh has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hello friends! My name is Rajesh More. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate and have previously worked in the Analytics Department of a Pune-based startup. I wanted to upgrade my tech stack, especially my Deep Learning and Machine Learning skills. So, I started exploring various online courses related to the aforementioned topics.

After scrolling through a lot of programs online, I found one institute that was offering risk-free education along with guaranteed placement. No student wants to pay a hefty fee for pursuing courses that give no job assurance. Earlier, students had no option but to join these institutes. But now, AlmaBetter’s innovative Pay-After-Placement Model has democratized the access to education. I was quite intrigued by this Learn-Earn-Return Program of AlmaBetter and hence, signed up for their Data Science Program.

When it comes to teaching methodology, the way of teaching and learning adopted at AlmaBetter is very different from traditional institutes. They have incorporated a lot of innovative ideas into their teaching methods to keep students engaged during live classes. These include teaching through experiments and gamification of concepts. AlmaBetter's curriculum is so comprehensive that it covers all the dimensions there are to learning. It includes kahoot quizzes, daily assignments, self-projects, mentorship sessions and industry talks. The quizzes, assignments and the Leaderboard maintain a constructive competition among the students and motivate them to keep working.

Capstone projects were also a part of the curriculum. They were based on industry-related problems and provided me with the hands-on experience I needed before joining the industry. The Mentorship Sessions helped me understand the real applications of the concepts that were taught in class. Mentors shared their industry knowledge and project experience with us. AMA Sessions with Data Science professionals were conducted weekly and were useful in broadening our knowledge of the industry.

Mock interviews played a major role in helping me secure my job. I gave more than 65 mock interviews during my journey at AlmaBetter. At least 80% of my real interview questions matched with my mock interview questions. AlmaBetter, in collaboration with Utter, helped me build good communication skills. The mock interviews taken by Team Utter were very helpful in boosting my confidence levels. Believe me, the real interview just felt like giving another mock interview at AlmaBetter.

AlmaBetter helped me land my dream job even before the completion of my course. I got to choose from multiple pre-placement offers. Thanks to Shivam, Vikash, Alok and all the other members of Team AlmaBetter; this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

To all the students who want to join AlmaBetter, I’d like to say that you should go for their programs without thinking twice. If you are someone who lacks motivation for an online course, don’t worry. The leaderboard, deadlines and mentor support are all the motivation you'll need. The curriculum is well-structured. All you need to do is Practice, Practice and Practice!

Rajesh More

Rajesh More
Sr. Data Scientist

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