AlmaBetter has revolutionized the career transition to the Data Science industry

AlmaBetter transformed my life for the better as I transitioned to a passionate career with more than a 35% hike in my salary.

Hey everyone, my name is Rohan, and I completed my Btech in Computer Science from Christ University Bangalore in 2020. Although I have been interested in Data Science since college, I finally got the opportunity to work with a team of Data Scientists in my former job. My conversations with these amazing people made me realize that I want to pursue a career in Data Science. AlmaBetter’s robust curriculum helped me secure a high-paying job at IOPEX Technologies soon after the program’s commencement.

Once I decided to pursue a career in Data Science, I decided to look for the best avenue for learning this vast field. AlmaBetter provides risk-free education with the help of their unique Pay After Placement model to Data Science enthusiasts. This unique model is one of a kind, especially in this domain, as it guarantees your success. This essentially means that your success is AlmaBetter’s success. It is safe to say that AlmaBetter has revolutionized the career transition to the Data Science industry. I have always felt that AlmaBetter aims to democratize access to education, i.e., provide equal educational opportunities to every student.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was excellent. The best element of the curriculum was that AlmaBetter provided cool visualizations for every topic, which helped in understanding complex concepts quickly. Moreover, working on various Capstone Projects helped me expand my industry knowledge. The practical knowledge that Capstone Projects provides is exceptional. The One-on-One Mentorship sessions were very beneficial. I interacted with several industry experts and gained helpful expertise from them. I also did a lot of networking which might help me throughout my career. Overall, It was a blissful experience.

Whenever you are doing a course, it is essential to know how this knowledge is used in the industry. Mentorship sessions are the best way to understand that as you talk to professionals who have gone through the same journey. Mentors provide personalized guidance and career counseling. It is helpful as it fast-tracks your journey. They help you understand real applications of theoretical concepts and help you keep updated about the latest trends in the industry.

One of the most underrated skill sets for a Data Science professional is their interpersonal/ non-technical skills. You could be excellent at your job, but there is no point if you cannot communicate with your team correctly. This is the reason why AlmaBetter stressed our non-technical skills immensely as well. Most of the team-building skills developed by working together on projects, and the communication skills developed during mentorship sessions. Time management and meticulousness were achieved by the regular assignments and submissions that happened throughout the curriculum.

AlmaBetter transformed my life for the better as I transitioned to a passionate career with more than a 35% hike in my salary. My journey at AlmaBetter was like a rollercoaster ride, it was adventurous and wonderful, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. AlmaBetter gives its 100% to help all Data Science enthusiasts secure their dream job. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to team AlmaBetter for giving me this opportunity, and I can proudly say this transformed my life.

Rohan Roney
Data Analyst

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