A paradigm shift in my career.

"If I were to name one value for which AlmaBetter stands for, it would be 'Excellence'. I'm saying this because the course was excellently designed and executed."

Soumya Jain from Cohort Aravali secured multiple pre-placement offers from PaisaBazaar and Litmass within 22 weeks of the program. Let's hear what Soumya has to say about her experience at AlmaBetter.

Hi everyone! My name is Soumya Jain and I have 3+ years of experience in the Telecom industry. From the last 1.5 yrs, I have been focusing on data-oriented fields such as data analytics and data science, in which I have helped brands get some useful insights from the network KPI data so that more informed decisions are taken regarding optimization.

I started off as a Network engineer at Ericsson and eventually, I migrated to data science by pursuing some courses. I recently completed a full-fledged course with AlmaBetter in which I learned the essentials of Data Science and upskilled my tech stack with SQL, Python, and ML Algorithms.

My love for data is what drew me to the Data Science world. I was intrigued by data and analytics and how it allows making informed decisions and offers objective answers that can put an end to an argument. Moreover, I love telling stories with data and helping in bringing that data to life. As a data scientist, I can turn data into a recommendation to help a company improve its product, services, or experiences. Another reason why I chose this field was that the data science industry is growing rapidly and the job prospects in the field are rising exponentially.

What made me choose AlmaBetter was their robust curriculum. If I were to name one value for which AlmaBetter stands for, it would be 'Excellence'. I'm saying this because the course was excellently designed and executed. The daily assignments and feedback helped me to keep my learning process ramped up religiously. The learning reports allowed me to know my pain points and work on them.

One of the fun parts about the curriculum were the quizzes which kept us glued throughout the lecture. Another great thing about the course were the mentorship sessions. They were like a breeze to my sailing boat. Each time I had my session, I learned something new and beyond all the theoretical stuff from the industry experts. I got an opportunity to interact with people holding great experience and skills, both technical and non-technical, which helped me shape my answers better and prepared me for actual interviews.

We didn't just have one-on-one mentorship sessions, but also AMA sessions with Data Science professionals. This gave us an opportunity to hear from industry specialists, who enlightened us about the real world scenarios.

I would like to say that my journey at AlmaBetter led to a paradigm shift in my career. To all the students who are considering to become a part of the AlmaBetter family, I'd like to say that the course is well-designed and fully structured. If you follow the instructions religiously, success is assured.

Soumya Jain

Soumya Jain
Analytics Manager

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