A Journey that completely changed my life.

"I have given around 30 mock interviews. Imagine, 1 interview consists of 3 rounds so this exercise was essentially the same as giving 10 real interviews."

Soumyajit Das from Cohort Aravali secured multiple pre-placement offers from Aryng and Bridgei2i within 21 weeks of the program. Let's hear what Soumyajit has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hello everyone, I am Soumyajit Das. I did my masters in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Rourkela. I have 4 years of working experience in the field of analytics with Indian Navy and currently, I'm working as a Business Analyst at Bridgei2i.

As I did not have any former education in the field of data science, I thought it would be better to do a course online and subsequently, I searched for the best courses on Google. But I ended up choosing an institute which charged me a lot of money for their course but their curriculum wasn't upto the mark. Even after completion of the course I could feel that my learning was incomplete. Luckily, I got to know about AlmaBetter. I was a bit hesitant about pursuing the course at first. I thought what if this turns out to be similar to my prior experience with online learning. But their job guarantee feature and the pay after placement model made me feel that I was making the right decision while choosing AlmaBetter.

Since the students only pay after they are placed with 6 LPA or more, I knew the main focus of AlmaBetter was to educate and prepare students so that they can get jobs. I personally feel that this is a great initiative as it eliminates the concept of student debt so that students focus only on learning and not on how they'll repay their college loans.

Coming to the curriculum, I'd like to say that I feel that this is the sort of robust curriculum that every student needs. My learning experience at AlmaBetter was entirely different from my previous learning experiences. They made learning fun with the use of visual effects and gamification while teaching. The curriculum is structured in such a way so that there can be a smooth transition between each module.

Regular doubt solving sessions helped me move on to the next module only after understanding the previous module thoroughly. The daily assignments, capstone projects, mentorship sessions and the placement drive all are designed to make you industry-ready.

Capstone projects gave me the opportunity to work with projects which were similar to real life projects with large datasets. I learnt so many things. It didn't just help me improve my technical skills but it also helped me to get to know batchmates better. I got to know about their insights, how they think and approach the problem. Also, team collaboration helped me learn how to work in teams efficiently.

Along with projects, what helped me the most were the AMA Sessions. They were held weekly with industry experts and helped me understand how models are being implemented to provide practical solutions. I got to hear about their experiences and journeys, which was very inspiring. I also got to know about so many prospects that data science holds through these one-on-one interactions.

Another thing about AlmaBetter is that they prepare students for interviews in their one month long placement drive. The drive includes mock interviews which played a massive role in helping me secure the job. I have given around 30 mock interviews. Imagine, 1 interview consists of 3 rounds so this exercise was essentially the same as giving 10 real interviews. It not just helped me to prepare the technical stuff but also boosted my confidence and I learnt how to articulate my answers in a better way.

If I were to describe my journey at AlmaBetter in one phrase, I'd call it 'Life Changing'. So, to all the students who are enthusiastic about entering the Data Science world and wish to join AlmaBetter, I'd like to say that we were the first batch of AlmaBetter and before completion of the course, 50% students of our batch got placed.

The jobs part is taken care of by the AlmaHire team, but you have to be ready to grab the opportunity whenever it is presented to you. Trust them and enjoy the ride.

Soumyajit Das


Soumyajit Das
Business Analyst

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