My journey at AlmaBetter was a strong positive correlation with productive learning.

"I was assigned a personal career coach during the placement drive. My career coach helped me build an excellent resume that highlighted all my talents and fetched me my dream job."

Sudhanshu Rawat from Cohort Aravali secured multiple pre-placement offers for Data Science roles within 28 weeks of program commencement. Let's hear what Sudhanshu has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

"Hi everyone! My name is Sudhanshu Rawat. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Banaras Hindu University. After graduation, I did my masters in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Dhanbad. Since then, I have been really interested in Data Science. I like how the insights drawn from data have the power to change business dynamics. Thus, I wanted to build a career in the Data Science domain.

Currently, there is an unavailability of affordable institutions that offer data science and AI related courses. Most of the online institutes charge a heavy fee for their courses. On the other hand, AlmaBetter charges zero upfront fees. They have a Pay-After-Placement model under which students only pay after they have secured a job with 6LPA salary or 25% hike on the previous one. AlmaBetter’s job guarantee feature and risk-free education model makes it stand out from all the other training institutions.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was amazing. The instructors conducted live classes and made them interactive. The live quizzes after the class were the most exciting part of the curriculum. I broadened my industry knowledge in the one-on-one mentorship sessions that were conducted every week. The mentors were data experts who provided me with personalized career guidance and cleared all my work-related doubts. AMA Sessions were also held every weekend with experienced folks from the Data Science Industry. These sessions were really insightful and motivating. I learnt about the past projects people had undertaken in the industry, the challenges they had faced while working on Data Science problem statements and the ways in which they came up with tangible solutions.

At AlmaBetter, I also acquired practical knowledge through industry based self-projects. These Capstone Projects were based on real business problems and gave me a sense of the kind of projects I would work on once I became a part of the industry. These projects also provided me with a good hands-on experience and shaped my team-building skills.

Apart from technical learning, a good amount of effort was put into improving my non-technical skills during the program. We had training sessions with Team Utter as a part of the AlmaX Placement Drive. This helped me improve my speaking skills and prepared me well for my real interview. The mock interviews I gave at AlmaBetter made me more confident about myself. I was also assigned a personal career coach during the placement drive. My career coach helped me build an excellent resume that highlighted all my talents and fetched me my dream job.

If I were to describe my journey at AlmaBetter in one sentence, I’d say that it was a strong positive correlation with productive learning.

To all those who are looking to join AlmaBetter for their Data Science programs, I’d like to say that their curriculum is comprehensive, interesting and student-centered. If you’re willing to learn Data Science, AlmaBetter is the right platform for you.

Sudhanshu Rawat

Sudhanshu Rawat
Data Scientist

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