AlmaBetter offer's an industry relevant Web Development program

This shows what I have learned at AlmaBetter is at par with the current industry standards.

Vaibhav, a fresher, secured a high-paying job at Bond India with the help of AlmaBetter’s robust curriculum and unique offerings. Let’s hear about his experience at AlmaBetter.

Hey everyone, my name is Vaibhav Thorat, and I am from Amravati. After high school, I joined Aurangabad Government Engineering College for BTech. After graduating, I worked in a production house for 2-3 years. During that time, I was interested in learning Web Development, and that’s when I fortunately came across AlmaBetter.

Before enrolling in AlmaBetter’s Full Stack Web Development course, I thoroughly reviewed the program and curriculum to ensure I got the best education. Moreover, I also shared the course details with a couple of friends working in the same domain to double-check. The response I received from them helped me stick with my decision to enroll in AlmaBetter’s course as they were satisfied with the program and said this is more than enough to get you placed and boost your knowledge and skills.

AlmaBetter also provides this excellent opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts, which enhances your confidence. I remember a couple of mentors who helped me throughout the journey: Shubham Lal sir, Soumya ma’am, and Monish sir. They used to take doubt-clearing sessions after every class for 15-20 minutes, which helped me a lot and created a comfortable environment for all the learners.

Another great feature of AlmaBetter is that they provide career development sessions, which helped me develop my skills to stand tall in the tech world. I am a fresher and working with seniors at the company confidently. This shows what I have learned at AlmaBetter is at par with the current industry standards.

Vaibhav Thorat
Software Developer

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