AlmaBetter believed in me and I believed in them.

"The program offered here is robust, well-guided and most importantly, has proven to work."

Vanshika Raj from Cohort Aravali secured six pre-placement offers from Paisabazaar, Quantiphi, Lumen, Dunnhumby, The Math Company and Datametica within 32 weeks of program commencement. Let's hear what Vanshika has to say about her experience at AlmaBetter.

"Hello Everyone! I am Vanshika Raj. I did my B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation from Techno India, Kolkata. After that, I worked as a Data Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services for about 2 years.

It all started when I stumbled onto an article that talked about the ways in which Data Science and Machine Learning practices were being utilized to solve problems on a global scale. On reading more about the applications of Data Science in various industries, I decided to learn Data Science and transition into this field. For that purpose, I started looking for online Data Science courses. I soon discovered that most of the institutes that provide Data Science related courses either charge a hefty upfront payment or don't provide a comprehensive curriculum. After browsing through tens of such websites, I came across AlmaBetter and finally found a course worth taking.

AlmaBetter has a unique Pay-After-Placement model under which students gain Data Science skills in a risk-free manner. Here, the students don't have to pay for the courses upfront. Instead, they pay the course fee in small installments after they get placed with a minimum salary of 6 LPA. This innovative model ensures that students can wholly focus on their studies without worrying about the fees or even placements.

Talking about the curriculum, we had live classes led by instructors who were well-versed in all Data Science concepts. After sitting through live classes, we used to clear all our doubts in the doubt-solving sessions and actively participate in the quizzes that followed. This ensured that we thoroughly understood all the concepts that were being taught in the class. At the end of the day, a daily learning report was also provided to all the students. This report motivated me to put more efforts into learning the topics that I found hard to master. Overall, the curriculum was thorough and tailored to make one succeed.

We also had one-on-one Mentorship Sessions regularly with experienced Data Scientists. Having industry practitioners as mentors helped me to stay focused on my goals and improve my communication skills, problem-solving abilities and self-confidence. Interacting with mentors also broadened my network and helped me to get a deep understanding of the work that was being done in the industry. Along with mentorship sessions, AMA Sessions were also conducted every weekend with accomplished folks from the Data Science Industry. These sessions were really insightful and motivated me to keep working hard.

Apart from Data Science skills, AlmaBetter also provided its students with a proper communication training. This ensured that we were confident about our answers in interviews. To reduce the stress of an actual job interview, we had a series of mock interviews as well. During my mock interviews, the mentor used a semi-structured interview format rather than a formal one and this helped me in articulating my answers better. These interviews improved my communication skills, gave a boost to my confidence level and thus, prepared me for my real job interview.

I would like to thank AlmaBetter for giving me such a holistic learning experience, over just a Data Science course. This was, by far, the best learning experience of my life. I couldn’t be happier with the kind of work I’m doing and the amount of difference I am making in the industry.

To other students who wish to join AlmaBetter, I want to say that if you have a knack for solving complex Data Science problems, you should definitely join AlmaBetter. The program offered here is robust, well-guided and most importantly, has proven to work. AlmaBetter provides you with a very clear roadmap to success. I say this because I've seen my batchmates getting placed at some of the most accredited companies and this was possible only due to the efforts put in by the AlmaBetter team. All you need to do as a student is to work hard and believe in their process.

Vanshika Raj

Vanshika Raj
ML Engineer

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